We help you get ready, faster. Quicker turnaround on stakeholder alignment, key transaction messages and post-transaction goals, means fewer surprises further down the line. They help set up the internal infrastructure and processes required not only for the deal but also for post-closing delivery, so you are set up for success even after the transaction closes.


Your Consultant oversees all transaction execution workstreams. They bring our best-in-class Practice Manual plus their in-depth knowledge and experience to improve workstream co-ordination, ensure key deliverables are correct first time, and monitor your transaction for red flags and trip-ups.


Your Consultant helps you with the preparation of key materials and your transaction delivery. They work with your teams to minimize distractions from the business, and they manage the Q&A processes to ensure rapid turnaround and consistency of messaging. All of this prevents potential delays to your transaction timetable.

They identify the time sinks and help you get back the capacity you need to run the business. This includes organising effective weekly meetings, and ensuring that meetings are only attended where absolutely essential.


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