Your corporate strategy is likely to include a major transaction in the next few years, like an M&A, debt, or equity capital markets transaction. How you choose to execute it internally will have a material impact on your team, your timetable, and your success.


You will need to juggle transaction demands alongside your day-to-day business responsibilities, and it’s a critical period with no room for slip-ups or delays. As part of your preparation, you will want to set up your internal team with the right experience and capacity to execute your transaction successfully and deliver on your aftermarket goals.


When you hire The Deal Team, you get dedicated support and transaction management expertise, in-house. Our specialist project management capacity reduces the demands on your Team and gives you back your time.

The strength of our client delivery comes from the bench depth and collaboration of our entire Team, backing up your dedicated Consultant on the ground. We have more than 100 years’ transaction execution experience in the team, which is applied to all our transactions.

We maintain a broad Team of Consultants which means that we can provide you with a solution at short notice, and we can give you additional flex capacity during live execution if required.


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