To define the market for professional transaction management services in support of transformational and bolt-on corporate transactions (debt and high yield bonds, IPOs, public market equity sales and demergers, M&A).


To help economies grow by improving market efficiency and corporate outcomes, through excellent execution of corporate transactions.



We give our clients the internal expertise they do not have, to achieve optimal outcomes.


Investment in deep thinking and publications to address less explored aspects of the markets and their relevance to our execution tasks. Drive change to address market failures at both micro and macro levels.


No sacred cows – provide knowledgeable challenge to embedded processes and regulatory approaches, where these could be improved in the interests of clients and the broader market. This includes use of Fintech. We challenge orthodoxy within the broader community of advisors and providers, to improve transactional processes for all.


We are a key link to build the bond of trust between advisors and clients. We expect to take ownership and responsibility for transaction execution processes and outcomes. We will get our hands dirty whenever and wherever the transaction requires. We expect to be an integral member of the client’s transaction team and decision-making processes, from junior staff to Board.


We respect our clients, their shareholders, our advisory partners, and our consultants. We treat all our counterparties professionally and respect our advisory partners’ roles in transaction execution. We in turn expect our counterparties to show respect for our professional role and maintain a collaborative approach to delivering on our common purpose.


Our Consultants are experienced transaction execution deal captains, with extensive experience in the professional services. Our consultancy service provides our clients with the cost and deal ownership benefits of a dedicated consultant, without losing the support, knowledge and experience of a larger team. You hire the knowledge of a team but pay for an individual.

Our consultants have frequent transaction reviews with their Relationship Manager who themselves has decades of experience in hands on execution and access to the combined experiences of the other consultants– while of course maintaining client confidentiality.



In-house, in person delivery is an important aspect of our Consultant’s work. On average through a transaction, a Consultant will spend two days a week in person in the client’s offices, typically in a shared private office next to the CEO/CFO and with direct access to them on an ad hoc basis.

To maintain cost control, we aim to stay in the same local hotels or apartments as management team, fly economy class, use public transport and use free or low cost international telephone/data services. Our Consultants are not usually permitted to charge for subsistence, as our choice of restaurant and drinks should not be for your account!