We believe a well managed project is critical to a successful, smooth transaction. We oversee ALL aspects of the execution process, to liberate you to focus on day to day management of your company. With our in-depth knowledge and management of transaction workstreams, we become the main point of co-ordination, and help management to prepare materials which are not 50% right the first time, but 90% right out of the box.


We work alongside the CEO, CFO and their teams to ensure their time is focused when and where required. We highlight the current practices and precedents and make them aware of the decisions they will need to make well ahead of time. With our daily in-person support, we reduce the time spent by management assessing alternatives, enabling them to move straight to best practice.


We have the insight and knowledge to maintain oversight of the many parts of the timetable, watching for possible risks to delivery. We put in place key execution and transaction decision points and ensure shareholders, management and advisors are fully aware of the demands on their time and availability. What’s more, we ensure that if there are changes in circumstances at any time during the transaction, the company’s reaction is swift which reduces transaction delays.



The fear of transaction execution being impacted by missing out often causes management teams, at C-suite level and below, to attend meetings when their time would be better spent elsewhere. We ensure attendance at key advisor meetings where and when required, maintain workstream assignments and provide weekly call updates to ensure key stakeholders are kept up to date of all critical deliverables throughout the process. We monitor the advisors’ workstream assignments and hold them to account for deliverables.


We act as trusted and objective insiders working alongside our clients to ensure a successful delivery of the transaction. We are trusted to report regularly on progress/timetable, managing internal and external conflicts and clearly highlighting red flag situations throughout the process.


We work with management to deliver concise, well thought out transaction rationales, in particular maintaining corporate mission focus that ties closely into the business strategy and business plan. We prepare early on to get management focused on the key transaction messages, then identify post-transaction goals, and finally put in place internal infrastructure to support post-closing delivery.



An external consultant will provide the required knowledge, capacity and dedication to support the internal teams who have the knowledge of the company but not the awareness of how and when it should be delivered during a transaction.


A potential HR headache: Who has experience in this type of transaction? Will the individual be happy to step outside their core competency for 6 months, and will his old job still be available afterwards? What happens if the transaction is put on hold? Are they confident to challenge upwards/be bearer of bad news? If it’s a new hire: Seniority of experience required? Expense? Particularly if there is a risk the project is put on hold? Capacity, if only really required for ~6 months out of every 12-24 months?