Our Consultants take ownership and responsibility for the overall transaction execution processes and outcomes. We therefore deliver our services to the fullest when the Consultant is an integral member of the client’s transaction team and decision-making processes, from junior staff to Board. These means that our clients place their trust in our Consultants and give them total access and responsibility throughout the transaction. Allowing both sides to have the insight required to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Consultants have frequent discussions with their Relationship Manager who themselves has extensive experience in hands on execution and access to The Deal Team’s network of advisors. So, while you pay for an individual, you hire a team.


Our Consultants are experienced transaction execution deal captains with extensive backgrounds in the professional services, who have decided to work outside of the advisory teams. Their experience covers M&A, Private Equity, IPOs, High Yield Bonds, Leveraged Loans, SPACs and other forms of corporate transaction, from diverse professional backgrounds. We do not allocate Consultants to more than one major transaction at a time, which gives our clients the reassurance their transaction is in safe hands and with close attention to detail. This ensures they are present, engaged and responsible for optimal transaction execution at all times. We will proactively therefore get our hands dirty whenever and wherever the transaction requires, to support the internal delivery teams.


The demand for our services has increased in direct relationship with the cost pressures and team sizes at investment banks. Our role is as a key link to give management teams and shareholders the capacity and knowledge to execute successful transactions and deliver on their goals both for the transaction and in the aftermarket delivery. Our responsibilities are entirely complementary with the professional roles of our counterparties and we do not provide corporate finance, financial, legal or accounting advice.


You trust us to be vocal, professional and forthright, not reticent, equivocal or unavailable. We challenge other professional advisors to execute to the highest level, in a timely manner, and ensure our client is getting the right focus at the right time from the whole team. We spend a material portion of their time monitoring for and avoiding red flags, using their extensive experience to anticipate and avoid bottlenecks. When these are unavoidable, their experience will quickly identify the possible solutions.



We believe the “one size fits all” approach to transaction execution means processes remain unchanged potentially for decades. We introduce execution efficiencies in information gathering and insight, document production, timetable management, costs, or staffing wherever relevant. Including through Fintech where this brings material improvements in how transactions are managed.


Driving innovation and strategic thinking in markets is at the heart of The Deal Team’s values. We invest in deep thinking and publications to address inefficient or less explored aspects of the markets and their relevance to our execution tasks. We engage with market participants, infrastructure providers, advisors and regulators to identify market failures and agitate for change.